Saturday, January 5, 2013

Grace gives mercy

Recently I've working again on a tune I wrote awhile back.  The video is a mix I made.  I have this habit of sometimes having too much time on my hands and layer many other instruments on the first vocal and guitar track... Hope you like it.  Thanks

Grace by Dave Schipper © 2005 Rose Riversongs

She was a zesty mix of latin princess and call girl
A spicy whiplash with long flowing black  hair
Courted by all the boys within a hundred miles
She ropes them all and then frees them with a smile.

She is Grace, (4x)

Her daddy was assumed killed in a gang fight
The street adopted her and raised her right.
Now the all grown up girl stands tall
A ghetto flower in a world of asphalt

The hands of Grace filled with mercy
A gentle place, nothing fancy
To be with her is a blessing
Come unsure,  leave rejoicing

She has a crucifix right next to the tv
She’s known to grab your hand and weep
On the hallway wall is a shrine to her father
Pictures of wasted man but no mother

Days she spends her time at the soup kitchen
Nights she brightens  up the street with passion
She has the cred of the silent and the deadly
She gives more than a hand out, she give mercy

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