Saturday, January 26, 2013

Introducing Elin Ruth

Wow so I ran into Elin Ruth in and I have been mesmerized at her talent and then I go to YouTube, and these great songs have no hits.  Of course then I hit this interview video, and she was talking in SWEDISH, but by the end she sings in perfect English in a great acoustic sound with her on guitar.  Now I wish someone could translate it.

Not to be done, she has a website, and it becomes clearer... here are selections from her about:

After four celebrated records, numerous award nominations and a dozen top chart hits, Elin Ruth is back at the beginning. Last year she dropped everything for love and moved across the Atlantic. Now it’s time for the acclaimed Swedish singer-songwriter to release her first album in the United States......

The result is a playful pop album, eclectic but perfectly balanced. The country element is still there, but mixed up with soul and gospel, taking the listener on an emotion journey throughout the 10 songs...

In many ways, it’s only natural for Elin to end up in the country of her musical heroes. Growing up in the small town of Mönsterås, by the windy Swedish east coast, her dad filled the house with American folkrock. At the time Elin shrugged it of as “old man’s music”, but when her songwriting turned serious in her late teens, Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, Donovan, Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell all came re-visiting. Born on a cold winter’s day in 1981, she started playing piano at the modest age of four, developing a talent for playing by ear. Years later, she snatched a guitar from her dad’s home studio, spray-painted it red, and started to write proper pop songs.

Here's a video of her live... love how the languages switch so seamlessly.  I believe it's a matter of a short time when the US wraps it's arms around this talent.

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