Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Killer in Me by Amy Speace

CD Reviews are not typically what I post in page because I rather entertain you with a song, a story, a sponsor, or maybe a prose. Well today, let's turn our focus to one of the two new people I've discovered this year, Amy Speace. This year saw a release of a CD called The Killer in Me... and it's one that Amy admits is more soul searching and dark than some of her previous material. A statement like that makes me skeptical because I prefer music that are stories and not all depressing. Well I'm a proud owner five of the songs from the CD and I love what I've selected. (Yes it is iTunes) Maybe I'll go feast on more later... here's the playlist so far:

The Killer in Me... wow the hit and a potential big playlist item for Americana Radio Stations. Great structure and you can reach out the woman in the song and shake her and say wake up... you don't need to follow these dirtballs.

Haven't Learned a Thing... Another reality of a kid who keeps trying. I love the cello in the mix.

Dog Days... The song paints a summer memory, rich in color and smells of summer. Amy's voice beckons you to lay down with her; ok it sounds like a offer she meant.

Something more the rain... Actually a nice upbeat and positive song; with a great country type chorus or break.

I met my love... great country ballad with guitar and harmony work that reminds you of a John Haitt piece; but it's Ian Hunter from the old Mott the Hoople days.

Here's another review of her cd.
Photo from her website.

And don't you expect that MusicFog would be all over her? Well they were:

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