Saturday, October 17, 2009

Grooveshark... I'm a convert

Grooveshark... I'm a convert and now a contributor... Yes just this week my buddy Tim showed me this site was a great way to learn a song that you may not want to buy. And I used it instead of looking thru all my cds to find that Ashokan Farewell that I needed to re-learn for a church gig.

It's a site where you make your own internet radio program by search thru 1000's of songs. Of course the cool feature is to search a favorite song and listen to the wealth of covers for the song. I thought it might be illegal, and it does have it's doubters, but thru this Wikipedia article, I found they have a licensing deal with EMI... cool beans. So I searched my stuff and it wasn't out there... so I added a few songs.

I'm an ASCAP writer and performer... go search Dave Zeman at and just maybe I'll get a nickel royalty check some day! HA. I'll frame it.

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