Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Duckin' stones, a Protest song

I live my life duckin’ so many stones.
My hands are free, but I feel alone.
Both sides take aim at the weary bill.
Both exclaim there is a poison pill.
I suppose I should stop and listen.
Decipher which is God’s position.
I do expect that answer is neither
Jesus wouldn’t even need a breather.
He’d remind us of the question that stands,
When he needed help, “Did you lend a hand?”

I walk thru life duckin’ so many stones.
My way is clear and I don’t go alone.
I walk with the sons of Abraham,
Yes, Christian, Jew and Muslim
Side by side, homeless, poor and gay
Ducking the stones and words they say
Lest we forget the word cast in stone
Don’t idolize words from a radio throne
But let the words of Jesus help
Go out loving one another as yourself.

Go out and shout
Drop the stones, drop the stones.
But do not doubt, you’ll be
Duckin’ stones, duckin’ stones.

© 2009 Dave Schipper Rose Riversongs

hey it should be a protest song, but who am I protesting? The ones on the left who seem to have a hole in their pocket or the self righteous on the Right who forgotten the truth that people are suffering. Frankly if we cancelled a few unneccesary military INVESTMENTS could we afford to pay for a little health care and reduce the subsidization that we insured are paying for in the higher costs from the uninsured.... oh there I go again doing the same thing the song is against... "Throwin Stones rather than just Duckin' Stones"

Sorry for talkin' politics... promise to be back to love and sex next post.

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  1. This is so cool! I look forward to the finished product! -Bruce