Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cool pin finding...

Hey I might have mentioned before that I coordinate an effort to sell off some our inventory on deals in Ebay. This little effort has made me look differently at any of inventory laying around; and of course I look for a little help from my friends. With that said, we have some cool cheap pencil offerings, some scrap book and children crafting ideas, and this week a CHRISTMAS Tree pin coming out of a failed sport pennant pin offering from a few years ago. So I was walking around with this really cool pennant shaped plated pin finding with rhinestones and said to a fellow woman co-worker, "I'm going to show this to my wife maybe she could make a cool jewelry pin out of it."... then she said, "Well turn it that way Dave and it's a Christmas Tree"... Hot digitty dog... she was right. Well I haven't sold any yet but the idea worked out.

Here a link to the post 2"x1" Christmas Tree / Pennant finding with rhinestones

And should I win awards for my sell copy?

This finding is an absolute gem. It was created for a sport pin project with quality in mind. The brass metal has a thin gold plate and a string of rhinestones attached. The military clutch and post has an additional anti-rotational spur so it will not spin when attached. We're selling them in lots of 6... yes a winning bid will receive 6 pin findings, and you can let your creativity flow. First my wife took a look at it and said Swarovski flat back gems & Bicones can be glued to it. Then she added a top Marguerite Lochrose flower bead and a Christmas tree was born. She said that she could easily see the clutch clipped from the back and earring posts added. At 2" it would not be the longest dangling earring known to womankind. Or talented painters could quickly make it a unique work... Then she said, it's beautiful just as gold, maybe as tiny ornaments. Well now back to the original premise... I as a sports fan could easily see the light now where a crafter would buy only their favorite team's colors... SAY GREEN and GOLD... and the pin could be worn in either the horizontal pennant or vertical tree shape. Now with just a little more imagination it could be a megaphone shape for your favorite cheerleading coach or team. We'll post this in both an auction format and buy now so first dabble with a small order and come back for a larger order. While we think we have a lot of these... I bet they'll be gone fast

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