Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Belleville Outfit

Last night I was listening to "It's a Good Day" and my wife said, what are you listening to jazz for?... Wow, there you have it. Good music transcends labels. I never would have even thought of the song as jazz. Yet the Country Swingness of the music and the liveliness of the band in the video posted earlier in this blog from Music Fog never had me thinking I was listening to Jazz.

Well today I was still trying to learn more about this group that has captured my imagination, and is starting to take my money song by song; and I ran into this great review. I have added them as my friend in myspace, who knows maybe a future house concert?... hmmm they are a big group... outside?

The review is at The two parts of the review that got me is their "Gypsy influence" and "Led by the torch-singing style of lead singer and fiddler Phoebe Hunt"... torch yep... she's lit my fire... HA.

photo by Nicki Gell from their MySpace site.

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