Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tis a gift to be simple

Boy I resemble that remark while being comfortable in all today's internet savvy conversation about pinging or bandwidth... I do think if you don't reach inside and grab the simple melody of life you are missing something.

Of course it's weird having a play button right over my groin area... HA.


  1. Very nice! Makes me want to take out my Dulcimer and start learning again ~ I can pick out melodies but haven't picked up the strumming technique yet.

    Btw, I still can't view your other Blog - the musings one - still receive the same error message irregardless of the browser I use. :( Miss reading it.


  2. I feel so bad Linda... I can't figure it out... my choice might be to start another blog. I know you're not alone. I will make a point to double post for awhile.

    Thanks for stopping by.