Thursday, May 21, 2009

Born To Explore

"Born to Explore"
should be a song
... but it's a

and it's written by a pretty famous person I just met thru my meanderings at work. We sold him some nylon and it was delivered to the wrong address. I was ready to ship him some more, but it was found. In the process of going back and forth, it was the application that intrigued me first.... but now the gentlemen, Richard Weise does equally. Do these wonderful outdoor people really exist. Handsome, thoughtful, intelligent, world travelers... well all I can say was that he was nothing more than a true gentleman for the little dealing I had with him. He writes a blog, and he's even all over YouTube.

I wanted to give him a shout out, and also tell you this nylon hammock idea is cool. Because we're selling off the nylon cheap on ebay, it'll cost you likely under $15 plus rope. He describes, "the easiest projects in BORN TO EXPLORE is making a hammock out of 4 or 5 yards of fabric. Just tie a knot at each end of the fabric and tie some rope(lark knot) to a tree and you have an instant floating station of comfort." Now run over to Ebay and get some great deals on our fabric.


  1. nice post! i just bought richard's book and it is amazing!!

  2. Great... is there a song in it? HA... I'm of the opinion there is a song in everything if we look hard enough.


  3. Thanks for the post.I am really flattered. Life does take some odd twists and turns but I guess that is what makes it fun.
    Would love to post this blog on our two blog sites devoted to "Born to Explore"

    Thanks again for the great fabric for my hammock