Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Don't say it's so

As a life long Packer fan, the thought of Brett Favre playing for the Vikes puts a hollow in my pit, and venom in my spit.

But the thought of Chuck being cancelled, makes me sad.... Say it's not so... NBC

Chuck likes Sarah alot and she secretly likes him. But she wont be open about it as to not jepordize the mission. he confronts his sister and Ellie says that she has seen the way the Sarah looks at him and that she does like him. Chuck and Sarah almost kiss in Weinerliscious but then Sarah closes up again. Chuck gets tired of this and cuts it off leaving Sarah all alone.
They still have to work together even though they aren't dating anymore. More compromising situations occur which lead to Chuck finally asking her a question that could change their lives forever? Will she say yes or no...
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