Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ah the passion to play guitar

I'm not shy about most things as I've hit the over 50 mark, but a one on one teacher student relationship was a step I was very apprehensive about. I did put my card out at church and thank goodness I haven't been buried with students. I'm still learning myself who to teach. I love it though because I'm cheap, I don't want to do it each week, and if the student doesn't have the passion to play... why am I here, we'll cut it off. Ok this isn't an advertisement, it's to show a little thing like putting yourself out there as vulnerable to talk about what you yourself are passionate about is ok. And it's ok to be apprehensive, just try it, it inspired me to re-learn in detail and tape these two songs.

Enjoy my rendition of Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven and Randy Travis's Three Wooden Crosses.


p.s. as always my eternal apologies that God didn't bless me with a good voice while he took away my shyness... HA

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