Sunday, March 29, 2009

Let's talk dirty in Hawaiian by Dave?

Yes... I have taken another step in making this a more interactive "Show"... I have figured out how to use my new used lap top's video capture for a YouTube video.... I just had to start off with my favorite song "Let's talk dirty in Hawaiian"... I use this song typically to sound check, and I love when Tim & Paula sing on the chorus. Of course I always ask the audience to sing along. HA.

I even read the book Fred Koller wrote about songwriting so I always tell people this song is written by John Prine AND Fred Koller.... Fred is a cool character.. look him up. Here is the book he wrote: How to Pitch and Promote your songs.

Here is my first ever posted music video... World aren't you nervous now? Now if I could actually write a song as good as this one or sing as good as John Prine.

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