Saturday, March 14, 2009

Front Porch with Matt Coleman & Allison Sattinger

Our regular Allison Sattinger and her musical brother Matt Coleman are again touring in May, but this video was put together before their trip through Arizona. Now if he doesn't harken you back to a young Kenny Rankin. Of course I'm also tickled that these two have saved a space for me, or even you if your are in the vicinity of LaCrosse WI. May 27th (yes it's a Wednesday) they will be playing a house concert at the Bluff View Concerts. Now the weird day is because it sandwiched in between the Twin Cities and Chicago.... Yes we're smaller markets, but let's out draw them ;-).

This is also the video where Allison tells the world Matt is in her Top Eight, but if you go over there... see what other special old fart adopted uncle is in her top eight... (ME) I think I found Allison nearly three years ago thru MySpace and not only have gotten her a few extra fans, I have fallen in love with her like she's one of the family. She has such passion and love in her life. I lived thru her job changes, her hurts, her losses, and her excitement of marriage and now a move from Los Angeles to Northern California. I can't wait to give her a big hug in May.

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