Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yes Norah Rendell is almost here

I feel pretty lucky that Norah will be here and then poof in Europe for three weeks. Her flute playing is flawless, and her singing is what got her booked. We've have a good share of calls so I'm not worried that there will be a disappointed artist. Still room... Sunday March 8th 4-6 Pot Luck after.... hey Clay... I got the second posting right this time... HA


  1. Norah is awesome, and so is my old bud Brian Miller. I hope I can make this concert, Dave.

    FYI...you have posted the same video twice in this blog posting. Was that so I would get a double shot?

  2. Toooo funny... I fixed it... I wanted an instrumental one too.

    Mr. Clay... I'm in awe... you know everyone. Hope to see you there. Dave