Thursday, January 22, 2009

Up close w/the Awards Judges

Yes... many viewers and no comments, so I must think that you are all wondering if this is a bogus blog? Is it a fairy tale that all these artists are truly made up? Who is voting and bringing these wonderfully people to the forefront of everyone's mind? So let me tell you about these judges that are keeping you up at night:

Dave Zeman has been networking for 2 1/2 years through myspace and dabbles writing music. Dave Xman has a dark side and we would rather not talk about him. Dave Incredman has musical superpowers to find the invisible artists that need attention. Typically he shouts really loudly and the rest of the world hears him. Dave Showrman brings to us the naughty entries; he's always peering through every song for the erotic parts.

So look these guys up if you have any issues with these wonderful awards, but remember the artists have no real association with the judges.

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