Saturday, January 24, 2009

Download MaryKate O'Neil's New Album for Free!

Hey Folks! Dave was so kind as to invite me to be a guest correspondent, so here we go with my first post on The Zemmy Show! ~ Heather

I was lucky enough to interview MaryKate O'Neil on Lyrical Venus Radio back in November. Her quirky lyrics and retro-pop sensibilities were a sure guarantee that her songs would get pleasantly stuck in my head.

Her new album Underground is due out in February 09, but MaryKate is giving fans a chance to get it for free right now! What's the catch? You have to tell five friends who you think might like it about the album. Hey, sharing music is what we like to do here anyway right? That shouldn't be so hard. But if it IS too hard to come up with five friends, or you feel like supporting MaryKate monetarily, you also have the option to pay whatever you want, and MaryKate will get 90% of whatever you give! This is the whole album folks, not just one song. Nifty, no?

Here's the widget where it all happens! (Click on the album cover to preview songs.)

If you like it, you can even embed the widget in YOUR blog, website or social networking site of choice! Just click the "embed this widget" part at the top and copy the appropriate code.

Check out NoiseTrade for other musicians doing the same thing.

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