Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Wolf Den: Greetings From Wolf Land

From contributing editor, Clay Riness

When Zeman asked me to be a contributing writer to The Zemmy Show, I had to stop and think about it...for about three seconds. I am, therefore I blog...that is what I have come to believe.

There are all manner of things that can wow me. Some are food, some are music, some are comedy and parody, some are writing. Whatever. I am often wowed, but I am not always easily wowed.

As my first installment here, I would like to show you someone that wowed me, Pete Huttlinger. He's a national fingerpicking champion on the guitar, or something like that. By now, this arrangement has reached tens of thousands on the net with its wow factor, but maybe you haven't yet seen it. I hope, if you haven't, that you will remember me fondly for having introduced you to him.

Meanwhile, I would love for you to drop by my own blog, The Weary Wolf Journal, hence increasing traffic and potentially making me world famous. You can see what's on my mind there at:

Drop by for a visit, won't you?



  1. Absolutely wonderful... I have to steal the intro someday too..


    Welcome on board Clay.

  2. Nice to be here, Zem. I took the liberty of calling myself a "contributing editor" because it sounded really important. Since you are giving free reign to say what I want, I will edit myself, hopefully in good taste.


  3. Just don't quote your Dad... HA...