Friday, January 31, 2014

Lost in Mary's Eyes again

I am hopeless, maybe a misfit but truly I am lost in Lady Mary's (Michelle Dockery's) eyes again.  Actually I have started seeing them everywhere, from a barista, to a TV reporter, to a sales associate, and of course my wife.  This could be a problem, and I could start a withdrawal program of say unsubscribing to the biggest Michelle Dockery Facebook fan page.

They posted a photo album of Michelle Dockery attending a photocall for the film ‘Non  Stop’ at The Dorchester on January 30, 2014 in London, England; and frankly I had to stop everything I was doing and just stare.  That's probably not good, but lets look at the bright side.  First, it helps my writing.  Good songs and lyrics come from intense passion either happy or sad.  No milk toast is allowed.  Second, I find myself being more kind and loving to women who remind me of Michelle and in a very gentle way.  It's like I realize I'll never be close to the real thing so be appreciative of the little things.  When possible I love to just talk to someone else with dark eyes peering politely in their eyes, or I glance over to catch a glimpse of some dark eye brows.  I'm as harmless as a hound dog, but it fills in the realness of these photos or TV spots. 

I could claim it's a bucket list item to meet Michelle, but that would be silly... she would be polite, sign whatever I passed her, maybe pause for a picture and then leave.  Hell I want to sit down over a glass of wine and talk; and that won't happen.  I rationalize she's too tall for me anyway... HA.

Yes I want more than this, so I'll live with the beauty that surrounds me and reminds me of Michelle, and I recommend we all find another reason to smile and to be nice to one another.

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