Saturday, January 4, 2014

Season 5 character - English Poet

Yes! I said and tweeted after I read the article where Olivia Hallinan challenged Julian Fellows to write her into Downton  Abbey.  I too miss seeing her wrapped up in beautiful clothes with her hair pulled up, though by season two I believe the corsets were gone.  Yes I've fallen in love with upbeat Laura in Lark Rise to Candleford, and thought she was excellent in her single show appearance in The Paradise.

So what to write, simple! We've had Thomas as the gay butler, we need a lesbian of the time to float through the series, and why not an English poet in the vein of Elsa Gidlow or Radclyffe Hall  I don't mean to type cast but Olivia did play an awesome lesbian in Sugar Rush, (a series I'm through the first season on in YouTube).

So now the plot line, oh it has to be with Lady Rose MacClare, an adventure filled young lady that is prone to be on the rebellious side of the world.  I'd say it wouldn't last and Elsa in reality heads off to New York before Season 4 has started, though Radclyffe Hall stayed in London dying fairly well honored for her writing.  And Radclyffe loved a Blues singer for a while, and we know how Lady Rose loves her musicians!

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