Monday, January 25, 2010

When will people wake up...

You know I shouldn't be bitter, but we're all human and sometimes the worse emotions sneak in. A friend and fellow blog writer, Clay Rieness sold out the Pump House, and Tracy maybe had 35 people when she came to LaCrosse the first time. I hear a long time local player Johnsmith is now playing the Pump House and it too is sold out, while The Pine House concert might have 18 or 28 people depending on the maybes. Good for John and Clay, bad for the music industry. This was the first year I saw Tracy, and she was excellent. What got me thinking about the tie in to attendance was the video's description:

"Tracy Grammer and Jim Henry at the Gravity Lounge Sept 26, 2007. Unfortunately for Bob Dylan all the REALLY cool people in Charlottesville went to see Tracy rather than he and Elvis C." Maybe it's all about being cool... I'll have to work on that HA.

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