Saturday, January 23, 2010

Old fart candidate number 2

Ok... ever since Chip Taylor wow'd me by playing with Cari Rodriquez and then Kendal Carson, he has owned the Old Fart of the year. Last year Billy Joe Shaver snuck in because I had three or four people thru the year telling me about him. I'd say, Yep he's always been good. Well this year Chip should win it again with his helping Kendel with her new cd release, and releasing a great solo cd of Yonkers NY; but he has stiff competition from 73 year old Kris Kristofferson. I loved the songs I picked from his new cd, Close to the Bone. Here's a video taste:

And a review from RollingStone Truly the legend has put out new material that fits like a glove into the sound I loved growing up.

Here is how iTunes describes it:

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