Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sweet Pea - AT&T Commercial

Ok I had a Paste magazine subscription for two years, and while I regret sometimes cancelling it... mostly today's music is far to depressing or poorly written rock songs with no pizzazz or harmonies. I did find a few gems, and will be forever grateful for finding Amos Lee thru the mag. Here is a cover of a song you likely heard by him and didn't know it... Sweet Pea... AT&T Cingular, "you're the only reason I keep on coming home."... what a wonderful thing for a musician to get paid by a cellphone company.

In keeping with some of my new audience, if you hang on thru the whole song... I'll tell you the chords used in the song.

Peace... and go out and buy Amos Lee... he's wonderful

If you forgot the commercial.. here you go. Yep it sounds like he might be using a Uke in it.

Now I'm not the first to cover it on YouTube... now here's Selah J. Rauw with her new red lipstick and beauty mark... of course if I had her voice with my guitar work... they would be both better videos... HA.

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