Sunday, January 17, 2010

Banjo by The Beggars

For a while I have really loved The Beggars. They are this cool trio in Austrailia that have a mix of the Smothers Bros and of course Peter Paul and Mary in a sound uniquely Austrailian. I just bought their CD Desert Flower and I'm looking forward to living it the next week. Catch up with them at their website: Here is a clip from a recent blog and a video.
The past year was a productive one for The Beggars we were able write and record our second album “Desert Flower” and things have started happening for us in Europe, we made our second tour over there playing 14 concerts in October and arranged a January 2010 release for “Desert Flower”. But the highlight of the year for us is the way European Radio really got behind “The Banjo Song” the first single from Desert Flower and pushed it to the top of the European CMA chart. ECMA is the oldest Country music chart in Europe and its also very pleasing to see so many other indie Aussie artists represented on the ECMA chart.

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