Friday, November 15, 2013

Denise you are my inspiration too.

Guess who is in love with Denise, beside John Moray... yep me, but come on any warm blooded male who is charmed by the female orientation should be.  They appropriately named the character, Denise LOVETT.  The Paradise has captured me differently from Downton Abbey, it's more of a novel about a small city of people and based on a retail store.  I love it and have become hooked on watching all the episodes on YouTube before PBS shows them; if you missed the show start with Episode ONE

If clicking on the video photo doesn't work, here a link what is this with all the prohibiting embedding?

And here's another I couldn't embed but this I love the video on CORSETS to hear Denise (Joanna Vanderham) talk about her little watch is cool and gives you a feel for the details that go into a show like this.  Just to hear her talk actually, I love to listen.

Again if the picture link doesn't work, here's the link

Of course many of my blog readers know I like to find time to write, truly Denise did end up being my inspiration:

You are my inspiration
A muse,
Unbounded exhilaration.

Your smile
Demure yet accented by
Those eyes
A window to bold intrigue

I pause
Though you are three steps ahead
With plans
Fabric in Venetian red

You reach
For my hand and say quickly
What if,
But I’m lost completely

You are my inspiration,
Though near
I fight for inhalation.

For Denise Lovett on The Paradise
By Dave Schipper  © Rose Riversongs 2013 

Also posted in my Musings blog.

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