Saturday, November 30, 2013

Brooks Williams in the close out bin?

Not a shopper traditionally for Black Friday or any day... I'm the hunter type... go on kill it and leave with my prey.  There is one shop I've shopped for ages; way before Amazon and iTunes could fill my needs for music.  Fritz Shuler would have CDs at the Golden Ring Folklore center, Manitowoc WI that would blow your mind.  I'd spend an hour and leave with 5 cds, especially when I moved away from town and it took 4 hours to get there.  Well CDs are dinosaurs for small shops especially and he's in his last phase of liquidating.  I've missed it until now but boy did I get some gems.  Pat Alger, Lui Collins, Dar Williams, Rory Block, Eric and Suzy Thompsen, Jym Mooney, Charlie Sexton, Ed Trickett, The Bobs, and BROOKS Williams, almost all circa late 90's early 2000's.  Many of these artists I had some of their music before but now 10 cds for $30 was too good to pass up.  I had listened to Brook for a while, and if you never have, please do:

I love the story opening for this Statesboro Blues cover has a tie in to my favorite rock band The Allman Bros. (his home town...)

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