Saturday, November 23, 2013

SHEL in the USA Today...

I still need find a weekend edition to see if this made it into print, but there they are right there with all the odd cultural stuff you won't find in this blog.  Either that means I'm going mainstream, or occasionally mainstream wises up.  SHEL in my blog was introduced back in September 2012 right after their self title CD was released.

Of course they were right about the video is four sisters singing a siren song, and these ladies could lure any wayward ship their way... but when you meet them you'll find the classiest friendliest band you'll find to work with.  They banter like "Sisters" on stage, and leave the audience wow'd and well as with smiles.  You can read the short article, but who cares, they made it to USA today ONCE, this is their 14th time in my blog.  Watch the video here, why don't you?  (What the USA Today didn't say loud enough was that Sarah was the video editor on this masterpiece too as well as the violinist siren)

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