Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dylan Parodies

I have become the Dylan Parodies writer for the EDLIS Cafe after I wrote this blog entry, and I have had many suggestions many of which I would call comedies rather than parodies, so started another collection called Dylan Comedies.  Here's the blog collection with new additions added to the bottom:

Since I wrote one I thought I should start a collection of them to make it easier to find, but I'm left disappointed in my first hour of investigating.  I believe a parody perfected by Weird Al, only he had the best one.

Tim Heidecker, of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! fame, has “leaked” Bob Dylan’s Super Bowl halftime song (the folk legend isn’t really performing this year, but let’s play along), and it’s just as strange and hilarious as you would imagine.

Some think a parody is just singing like Bob...

Here's a Joan Baez doing it

Or John Lennon... not sure if the words are his or not :

"Did you know that American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan is actually repsonsible for every hit song of the past 35 years?"... so this next one is funny but again to me it's not a true a parody.

Here's mine and a link to the lyrics... 

The National Lampoon did some great work and many of the songs are in Grooveshark that you can listen to at!/search?q=dylan+parodies  The one I enjoyed the most is the Polka Dot Undies

Then Loudon Wainwright III uses his talking style that he borrowed from Woody to do this song about his story about the new Bob Dylans...



    Parody: a composition modelled on and imitating another work, a composition in which the characteristic style and themes of a particular author or genre are satirized by being applied to inappropriate or unlikely subjects, or are otherwise exaggerated for comic effect.

    EDLIS Café


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  4. Zim, Golly, Golly: The Megillah According to Dylan