Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Phoebe Hunt - what a talent

First I need to apologize, it is totally unacceptable to not post to this blog at least once a week.  February 1st to February 19th means that my weekends have been filled, thus no Saturday mornings to blog in excitement for either a new artist, a new song, something funny, or something about Mary (Lady that is for you blog followers).

So this morning finds me with a half hour to ponder the past posts that should have happened since I'm sitting I a hotel room waiting to go a funeral.  Sadly my fourth this year.

Enough with the banter, let's talk about Phoebe Hunt.  A little over a month ago I got an email from my friends at the Pump House that the ticket sales had been slow for Phoebe's show and could I help.  Well a quick view of the video, and I was hooked.  Readers of the blog know I'm a sucker for a pretty fiddler that I should add a post just to give them all a shout out.  Quickly I was in for Two then quickly 4 tickets with friends.  Gave it a shout out on my FB page, the Great River Folk Fest page, and of course the House Concert page.  Then sadly, I put it out of my mind and got back to the many things that I'm behind on.

Before the concert I did have a chance to hear that circumstances put Phoebe playing alone, and while I wondered how a solo fiddler can pull it off, I've booked a solo bassist Seth Horan and marveled.  Figured I was still going to enjoy it.

Well another busy Saturday rolled around, quick clean of the house, organize Church music, practice and play for a service, put our faces in to a birthday party and run down to LaCrosse for the concert.  Tony was nice enough to reserve seats for some of the help we did so we were the last to sit down and the concert started at 7:30.  Phoebe can in shyly with a uke in her hand and sang Good Blood, and it just put a smile on my face.  It would be a great night.

About the third or fourth song in she mentioned that she used to tour with the Belleville Outfit, and the light went on... I knew that name before and I of course had a crush on her before.  A quick search found two other postings.  That was back in my MySpace days, and it seems I lost track of both the Belleville Outfit and Phoebe after I left my MySpace Zeman persona dry up.  Good thing I've maintained the blog.

Since that night I've kept in touch with Phoebe, a wonderful soul on top of a fantastic.  She even does a live one hour show every Monday in Concert Window.  There should be more in this blog about her, and when I find time there will be.  Got to run and have to add in the other things I've been up to.. I promise to be a better blogger.  Her website is filled with music, but to see her live is really when you sense the humble twinkle mixed up with amazing talent and lots of passion.

And if you would like to watch a nice half hour set from SXSW 2013: here you go...

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