Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wood Nymph and SHEL

SHEL has a goal of recording an official video for every song on their CD.  Like Minded Fool, was up next.  Sarah is the producer of this... and it's so wonderfully rich in beauty.  Believe me she has a lot to work with, but it still needs to be put into the right format.

The video reminded me of a piece I wrote a few years back...

Wood Nymph

Today on the road to the old grind
I spied a wood nymph I was hoping to find
Among the trees smiling warm and kind.
She had me play hooky, controlling my mind.

She radiated in the temped spring air
Wearing green silk and flowers in her hair.
In her spell, I would follow anywhere.
‘Neath an oak, we petted her black hare.

Buds sprang from the new warmth
I was filled with the virility of youth
While the air was with sweet vermouth
Blindly I was led down her silent path.

To call it love would be pallid prose.
A mortal man, a Goddess juxtapose
Then intertwined as the blood flows
Blossoming a rare mountain rose.

Transfixed by blue eyes and brown hair
We found ourselves as a motionless pair
The wind shifted to cold blowing sudden tear
And I woke up in my office chair.

DZ © 2008 Rose Riversongs

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