Wednesday, August 28, 2013

10 songs for Kim...

Kim Niemi Davidson
 is a witty, talented woman with a glorious voice. She is fighting uterine cancer and while she is undergoing chemotherapy she is unable to work during this time. I want to help her because she gave me an incredible gift one night... she took a lyric of mine "Opposite Destiny" and turned it into a kick butt song... it was a dark set of words never meant to see the light of day except in my blog release, and she made it darker and wonderful. We traded files until it became a reality. I want you to tip heavily when you go here and download the ten song, or at least throw a buck or two toward a fine soul that needs help, or just pick Lucky 7 because we all know that's what it will be....

In return I risk Bob Dylan's people coming after me for posting a few covers, but the rest are originals and traditional pieces. Some of them are some of my favorite unreleased projects; including a personal favorite of Ghosts of St. Augustine.

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