Sunday, August 11, 2013

Introducing Erin Ivey

Sometimes running a house concert & writing a blog I get people who reach out to me, and I go wow... what a talented soul and nice person too.  Recently Erin Ivey out of the blue emailed me in April,

"Hi, Dave!  I've been enjoying your sites, sharing a love of all things Downton Abbey while sharing the stage recently with many folks about whom you've written (namely, Drew Nelson, Carrie Elkin, Red Horse - Gorka, Gilkyson, Kaplansky).  Well, now I'm on a bill with SHEL next weekend AND just landed a gig at this year's Summerfest (my set is Sunday, July 7).  So, I can't help but introduce myself! 

I'd love to share my forthcoming album with you (it's called Dreamy Weather and opens with a cover of Tom Waits' song "Alice") "

And we've kept in touch, She has a soft voice and Dreamy Weather has some dreamlike songs, including a Rest your Head with harmonies from Betty Soo.  That Wait's cover opens and sets the mood & pace for the CD that includes some choice songs including my favorites, Canyon, Amelia, and yes a live version of her Chocolate song.  It's a cd with mostly sparce electric guitar with enough reverb for depth.  Here's what others have said:

"Erin Ivey achieves near perfection." -Austin Chronicle

"A truly remarkable performance" - The Daily News

"Top to bottom, this is beautiful music, sung and played beautifully." -Texas Music Magazine

"A modern day Patsy Cline" -Republic of Austin

"A tour de force" -Earache! 

Here's one of my favorite songs: 

Though I loved her stripped down Springsteen cover... just had to post it too.... it's just a little more sexy than the Pointer Sisters to me....

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