Saturday, April 13, 2013

Willy Porter - Great River Folk Fest

We're ecstatic to have Willy Porter closing our Saturday night concert at the 2013 Great River Folk Fest; and playing song swaps on Saturday and Sunday during the day. If you have friend who has never experienced what it's like to watch song swaps; please pass the word... they at many times have been the best memories from the fest. AND This year we will be staggering the times so you don't have to choose between swaps... we're limiting as much overlap in the schedule as possible!

Stop over our Great River Folk Fest Facebook fan page, even if you are from out of town... we're a long running fest, and you might find yourself in La Crosse some day.. Plus our friends are your friends.

I've met so many great artists at the fest, and hosted a few at house concerts including David Stoddard, Becky Schlegel, and next up Carrie Elkin.

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