Thursday, April 4, 2013

Driftless Radio

Guess who just became a member.... hey I'm out of their range normally, but the internet fixes that...

The Only Community Radio in the Wisconsin Driftless

Driftless Community Radio, Inc. (DCR), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, was incorporated in 2003 in response to public demand for a radio station that would meet the unique needs of Wisconsin's driftless region.
WDRT 91.9FM  (Driftless Community Radio) is the Driftless region's only noncommercial, independent radio station. In a time when fewer media moguls own the vast majority of information sources, WDRT is bucking the trend. We’re putting radio in the hands of the public. We welcome everyone in the community to participate. We aren’t beholden to advertisers, and we have time to go beyond sound bites.
WDRT is:
  • Non-commercial
  • Listener-supported and programmed
  • Volunteer-run
Our operations depend on grants, donations, underwriting, and community power.
Our schedule features local news and events reported by local on-air hosts. We also broadcast music and cultural programming unavailable elsewhere on the dial. Check out our current programming schedule.
Our antenna serves almost all of Vernon county, as well as parts of adjacent counties, and we also stream our programing live online. Find us on the dial at 91.9FM in southwest Wisconsin. Or listen to us live right now on the web.
WDRT 91.9FM – Community Radio . . . From The Ground Up!

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