Sunday, April 7, 2013

Daddy has a new guitar!

Yes after about 20 years I've decided to buy a new guitar; and it was a hard decision.  I love my current guitar which was a factory reject Tacoma style Washburn made in the US.  Never sure what style it was but the color and the bridge matches this guitar; so I'm guessing it was a D43.  It has such a good volume of sound.

So I went to Dave's Guitar Shop with a budget in mind not to exceed $2500, but not to discard anything cheaper.  So started on the Gibsons, and I really thought it was weird where they put their sound controls inside the guitar.  I love the Robert Johnson edition for finger picking, but the classic Rock stuff with Rose River felt strange.  Their Songwriter series was nice, I thought that was a possibility.  Then a quick stop by the Collings Guitars... all wonderful, but $4000 was just too much.  Over to Taylors, and I'm never been a huge fan.  Kept trying different styles then one just was a "ohh"... the feel of the bass resonating my inside.  The 716ce was it, but I didn't stop.  I went to Martins, then back to the 716ce.  Finally I asked for help, if I like this one, why and what else would they compare it to.  The 7 indicated the level of expense of the wood, and 16 was their 2nd biggest body style.  Tried a few more he suggested and then back to the 716ce... I did love the Americana retro sunburst too.

And here's what it sounds like finger picking:

And strumming:

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