Thursday, February 7, 2013

Introducing the Erickson's

I'm always partial to sisters making music together (SHEL, Ellie & Leela Grace...) and here's another group, The Erickson's with a local LaCrosse flair.  Even playing here this weekend at The Root Note.

Where Do You Dwell (Official music video)- The Ericksons from Jenny on Vimeo.

Excerpts from their bio:

The community of musicians in Brooklyn supported The Ericksons and in 2008, they released their first record, Middle of the Night, a raw, acoustic set of songs. Home called to the sisters, though, and they returned to the Midwest and in 2010, released Don’t Be Scared, Don’t Be Alarmed, a record more fully fleshed out by producer Beau Sorenson (who recently produced Field Report’s debut). Their first records, with their picked guitars and string, their animal, natural harmonies and deep melancholy hinting at greater loss......The result is the fullest, richest record yet from The Ericksons, an honest reckoning with that grief and love, rooted in American sounds. Wearing influences like A.A. Bondy, Emmylou Harris and The Pines on their sleeves, The Wild completely envelops the listener in the life that Bethany and Jenny have made in song. From the torch song with a gasping punch of “Find Yourself a Lover” to the open, beating heart of “Six Feet Underground” and the everyday blues of “Dirty Dishes,” there is a universal beauty here that transcends lived pain.

Practice Time with The Ericksons-- Turtle Dove from The Ericksons on Vimeo.

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