Saturday, February 16, 2013

Annabelle Lee

Study of Annabelle Lee in YouTube... first a reading and photo collage in front of a fitting instrumental version of "My heart will go on"
 Then leave it to Joan Baez to put a lofty ballad to it... Not my favorite, only made it through 40 seconds.

Then there the lovely Sarah Jarosz with the all star Transatlantic backup band. She is a wonderful young musician.  I'd love to see her entertain LaCrosse at the Great River Folk Fest.

 Then there is this beautiful poem read to clips that belong to the BBC, Warner Brothers, ITV, and Pathé/Paramount Pictures. The song overlaid with the poem is 'Trees' by Keiko Matsui.


 This one surprised the heck out of me... STEVIE NICKS... The video about says, Taken from the iTunes Deluxe Version of "In Your Dreams", there's extra artwork, pics & song-info on that not on the regular or the Fan Edition CDs. Well worth the purchase IMO... Check out my Playlist "In Your Dreams"

 Now this one by a latin group Radio Futura is very interesting. Makes me want to grab the congas and start an version based on the groove in English.  
 Another group that was new to me, Sweet Sister Pain, is more in my vocal range, and I absolutely love the Cello and how the choir joins this mournful bluesy vocal.

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