Sunday, February 17, 2013

Introducing Crystal Bowersox

Ha now isn't that brash! Everyone knew Crystal Bowersox but me! My bandmate Paula is always telling me to watch American Idol, but I just grow weary of the production hype. Once I heard "oh so and so covered Hallelujah and it was great" I went to the video... "It SUCKED.." no depth to the lyrics and passion to the song. Guess who loves gritty vocals to fine tuned slick vocals.. HA!

So now I ran into Crystal Bowersox in an iTunes new music release and it was good.  Then I started to back track and understand who she was.  Wow a busker who made it to number two on the elitist media music hype machine.  Well done.  Do you want to play our folk fest? or a House Concert?  Probably will sound a lot like this:

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