Saturday, February 20, 2010

Daily song : Saturday They'll all be back

Well I can't break my daily song until next at least by next Tuesday HA... Saturday has been in many of a song, but one of my all time favorites is an old song by David Wilcox. Boy I can remember buying this cd. I was just prowling the music shop in a mall, looking for something that would catch me. David's "How did you find me here?" just spoke to me from the artwork and (get this) the label. A&M I believe was the label and I trusted it... and the artwork. "Acoustic"

When I unwrapped it and got woven into incredible stories, "Eye of a Hurricane", "Rusty Old American Dream", "Language of the Heart", this Saturday song. Top it off I just love when an artist uses an old melody to new lyrics like David did in "Jamie's Secret". Maybe the internet and downloading has tarnished this huntiing of CDs and discovering the whole cd compiled by the artist. That cat is out of the box, and I won't be writting about all the duds I bought on a whim either.

Enjoy the video I found but really if you never heard of David, look him up.

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