Saturday, February 27, 2010

Daily Song : The blessing of Simple Faith

When I started this blessing thread it was going to end with Faith, Hope and Love; and I knew the Faith song that has been in my bones recently. David Tamulevich of Mustard's Retreat forwarded his song "Simple Faith" to a collection of friends of Christine Kane, and I had the chance to hear it for the first time. (I too was on that collection.) Wow it has instantly become a favorite of mine. Simple Faith is on their "MR7" 2005 cd and has Jan Krist or Kerrie Porter singing a beautiful female harmony. Here is a great review of the cd.

I love how they describe the song as laws to live by :

"...There is no Hell to fear. No judgment day drawing near
Trust that inner voice you hear, everyday
Life's not a goal or race, it's about heart and faith
And living a life of grace. Everyday..."

Then how about this endorsement:

" I have heard the song. Simple Faith, and think its wonderful......It's a fine album, my friend. Congratulations." - Peter Yarrow, Peter, Paul & Mary

I highly recommend you buy at least the song on iTunes for inspiration for when you need it...

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