Sunday, February 28, 2010

Daily Song : The blessing of Hope

Pierce Pettis and Eric Fiedor wrote an incredible Christian hope song with beautiful images to our lives on earth interweaved with our daily walk & struggles in life. My church group ACTS has covered it a couple of times and I have shared it with Pierce enough to know that he would be fine to broadcast this on youtube. I don't claim trademark to anything in the song or the video... just a mere guitar player. If a photo obtained thru google search is found to be a problem we will remove this.

I did also not do this to sell ACTS music, but rather introduce you to a wonderful song that you can find on iTunes by Pierce or a fantastic cover by Carolyn Arends. Please for your sake, and your congregations, look this song up, buy it and cover it during lent..... this is what it's all about Christians... not arguing over some verse or theological point. We're saved, and we should have the hope for our future in heaven.

I’ve Got a Hope
Eric Fiedor & Pierce Pettis

Man is born to trouble
All the days of his life
As the sparks fly upward
From bonfires at night
They fill up the heavens
With pin points of light
And I've got a hope
That is not in this world

Time, it is turning
Like a plow in the field
It roots up the earth
And what's hidden is revealed
Sowing the future
While the past, it is sealed
I've got a hope
That is not in this world

Half of the battle
Is only with myself
While the other half
Is something I can't help

Lest I should stumble
I try not to forget
That every hair is numbered
Every footstep, every breath
And this life that I'm living
It will not end in death
I've got a hope
That is not in this world

I've got a hope that is not in this world

©9/21/00 Cal IV. Publishing/Slapfight Songs (ASCAP) all rights reserved

And we're all lucky enough to have a chance to hear Carolyn live doing the song

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