Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Anchor in the Valley

I've known this cute girl from Kentucky for a while, Her name is Kelsey Waldon.
She's a 20-something, yr old from Barlow, KY, about 20 minutes outside of Paducah, KY; and she tried the Nasheville scene for about a year. I have a few of her songs from iTunes, she has a strong twangy folksy appeal. For someone so young, she has great old tastes in the Band, Dylan, and Melanie. She's always smiling, she's a good Christian girl, and I've always teased her that she's too cute.

Here are quotes she has on her MySpace site.

"Honest, pure and full of southern charm." - Isaac Chapman, drummer and MTSU student

"Crystal, clear voice and unique country sound" - Jack Montgomery, Java City - Western Kentucky University

"I absolutely love what you have done. I normally hate everything I hear (I'm a egregious music snob). It makes me happy." - Brandon, the Mother Superiors - Murfreesboro, TN

"One of the things I'm thankful for this year, is 'meeting' you :) You're amazing and talented, and I hope you reach your goals :)" - Jess, from Australia

"We never lie. You are REALLY, REALLY GOOD. Lyrically and musically precise." -Blind Ambition Music

"your music gets me really good every time.." -Aaron, from the Bowery Boys -San Diego, CA

"I tripped over your myspace page and when I got up, I noticed the wondrous beauty of your music." -Tommy, from Murray, KY

"I've been listening more intently to your words, like an ode from a girl of 20 with insight (Ballad for Modern Times) way beyond her age." - Mike from Split Pea/ce, Cleveland, Ohio

"I teach preschool and today one of my kids puked all over the place. And I thought of you." - Gina, from Memphis, TN

Now here is her tour schedule in a video format... I just had to share it.


  1. Thank you so much, Dave!! You are awesome for this!! We have been friends for a while, eh? ;-) haha. We'll have to really meet one of these days. Thank you again!

  2. Aw schucks kid... some day.. .you deserved the shout out.

    Thanks for subscribing.


  3. i just noticed this bravo Kelsey

    - mike

    Split Pea/ce

  4. She ended up with a great tour recently... I looked up your site... I'll have to add you as a friend.