Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Natalie Gelman at The Madeira Film Festival

My last House concert artist, Natalie Gelman, quickly departed for a European tour after the weekend in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.  After a few days in London she headed to Portugal and the  Madeira Film Festival.  She is is such a rock star.

Here's a link to a review of the festival written by Ari Ratner and I pulled out the two paragraphs written on Natalie:

The festival not only featured great films, but tremendous artists in other media as well. American singer Natalie Gelman did a series of acoustic performances throughout the festival. Both sunny and soulful, Gelman sang a series of original songs, many of which are sure to become classics. She also sang a medley of covers such as a version of "One Fine Day" that was more tragic and moving than earlier versions by the Chiffons, Carole King, or Natalie Merchant. Her original song "Some People" ought to generate its own slew of covers. It is a classic in the making, capturing the essence of America and the globe's current "Gilded Age", with its chorus that "some people are so poor...all they have is money". 
Gelman herself was touched by the festival, saying, "this is a film festival to go to if you want to be inspired. I have been to some of the largest film festivals like Sundance and Tribeca and I've been to quite a few small town film festivals - the Madeira Film Festival has the best of both worlds. Loads of talent like those larger festivals with the community and camaraderie of something you would find in a small town. "

Of course I loved the review because I had noted the same new song and have already covered it on YouTube, here's a blog post on it.

More photos of Natalie in that stunning blue dress from Astars Women's clothing.

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