Sunday, April 19, 2015

Some People

A great song that I'm covering and you won't find anywhere yet... hoping Natalie Gelman puts out her own video. I'm looking forward to the CD she'll release with it.  Natalie co-wrote the song with Charlie Midnight.

So a funny thing happened while I was practicing this at church waiting for the Sunday School kids to come back up... some one moved from the back of church to a pew behind me to hear it.. so I got to the where it goes "you got a roof over your head..." and poof forgot the next line. Obvious to me later, "you got a book you haven't read"... I haven't read a book in about 15 years... ha

The song really does talk to the right kind of passion good Christians should have, so it's appropriate I was playing it in church... truly many get mixed up by what it means to walk in faith of God, Allah, or Jesus at times.


  1. Thank you for this heartfelt rendition of and beautiful lines you wrote about this Natalie Gelman gem that I was privileged to write with her. Kudos.

  2. Thanks Charlie, I didn't know it was a co-write, I've updated the blog post.