Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mary Black...

I've always loved any song I've heard sing... this video had me captured in her piercing gray eyes.


  1. Dave, Kyle and I will be moving to our new place in about a week, and will finally have high speed Internet. I so seldom get to enjoy the videos here simply because they take FOREVER to load. So I am looking forward to taking fuller advantage of "the zemmy show". Speaking of Mary Black, I was wondering if you'd ever heard Janis Ian's wonderful song about Mary Black called, what else? Mary's Eyes. It's from Janis's CD Billie's Bones. Thanks for posting all the Amy Speace stuff too. I am crazy about her!

  2. I'll look it up... any song recommendation is worth spending $.99 on... HA.. high speed... I watch you tube more than regular TV since new shows of the Office and Chuck are over.

    Thanks for being a good reader.


  3. Thanks... I just put a response as a new comment and then notice the reply button... HA

  4. It's beautiful... "how can she reach across the ocean and break my heart in two." great line.