Monday, June 28, 2010

It is finished

Last night I felt tired of writing happy songs and I had this overwhelming passion to create a song inspired by Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. I grabbed my son's electric guitar and started composing.

Ok, so true to his tweaking of King David's Bathsheba story, I thought about the road to Damascus and thought why not find a moment when true love was found NOT to be true. Wow... then I had the words "It is finished" run through my head. Kim will read this so I do tread on blasphemy, but she knows I'm a true believer. Who knows that God isn't inspiring me to use the words to open up the Bible to new ears. I digress but these things do flow through your mind.

So know I had a parts of the puzzle, I was determined it would not sound like another song I've written. So I plugged in Dustin's electric guitar, turned the patch to "METAL STACK", and then words and melody collided. I started with It is Finished... knew it was the chorus immediately. Remember the Chorus has to be the best part of the song, though if the rest is weak it'll be forgotten quickly. Then down my Damascus, but unlike Paul my revelation was that I was blinded by love.

What I love about it so far is that it can swing either voice, but I'm not crazy that I took the plunge to use Text. Such a modern phrase. I might stick with some and offend others. Now for the treat... I recorded the rift so that I can go back to work tomorrow without trying to remember it. It promises to be a busy week so I might now re-visit this for a while. Now I'll remember it later. The video starts with the chorus's melody line.

Finally yes some might find tangents in Dustin's current love life, but truly if it's in there so are many other pieces and parts from other love lives that I've ran into over the last 52 years.

It is Finished

Every night I wait for a text
And I cling to every word
Replies that leave me so perplex
Just feeling like a nerd

Then there is a glimpse of hope
A new life again after death
Only to find a new tight rope
We have drawn our last breath

It is finished, we are through
I beg forgiveness to the Lord
For you know not what you do
In the guise of loving true

Today I found my Damascus path
And my eyes were suddenly clear
Words you said too gift wrapped
I see there were just chevalier

Today I see I was on your strings
Trained to stay somewhere near
So say goodbye to your plaything
You’ve lost a treasure dear

It is finished, we are through
I beg forgiveness to the Lord
For you know not what you do
In the guise of loving true

By Dave Schipper © 2010 Rose Riversongs

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