Sunday, May 2, 2010

When the Angels come out

Our Rose River band has a few friends that seem to follow us around, and even to church. One of them is Justin Bodin, and to meet Justin is to instantly know you've met a friend with overflowing love for everyone. He penned a poem and passed it to Tim to see if we could play it at Church. I didn't have to change it much at all to make it the following song. Justin's dad works with Tim, and is related to the original owners of the Bodin fishing outfit out of Bayfield Wisconsin. If you have ever tasted Lake Superior Whitefish, you know that it is something else. That preciousness is the same that Justin lives his life... Sweet! Enjoy some dancin angels... I'll get you a tape of some better singers of the song someday.


When the Angels come out
In the moonlight they sing
To the Heaven’s above
And they praise the Lord

When the Angels get together
Around the stars
They dance on the moon
All night long

When you opened the kingdom of heaven to me
For everyone to see
You gave us a new life and happiness
For others to see you.


When we walk hand in hand with Angels on earth
All people created by God
We sing with the power of heavens above
For others to see you.

By Justin Bodin

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