Saturday, May 29, 2010

Larry Heagle....

Lori and I went to the Big River last night with a few of our friends (Ha.. 9 of us ultimately from Holmen)... and I didn't get the connection that Larry was the writer of a The Vasectomy Rag. It was a song I knew along time ago from Clay, and when he added it to his recent house concert, it brought such a smile.

This worse Country song by Larry was done last night, and I wonder if it isn't absolutely intentional that the sound doesn't match the video below. You get a chance, stop and see Larry sometime.

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  1. David: Just stumbled upon your very kind posting and comments. As a writer, it does bother me when someone else sings one of my compositions and doesn't bother to tell the audience who wrote the song and thereby, through omission, usurps authorship. I assure you that whenever I perform someone else's composition, I make it clear during the intro (or immediately after) who the song was written by. Today is the first time I have even seen the video of the "Worst Country Song" - and I am appalled that the song does not match up with the video. I do know, however who posted it, and will do my best to see that it gets corrected.