Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Daily song : The blessing love and music

Ok anyone who read the last blog knows I'm a little conflicted over picking a Love song for the Blessings sequence, so what is more a blessing than finding new music. This iMix got me to listen to songs I had heard for awhile, old Elvis pieces, friends I've even hugged, but how about the blessing of hearing someone talk about their love had given them Mix tapes... a women of my heart who could enjoy that. I dug in deeper to find a song I got off of a eFolk cd I think back in 2007... now let me introduce you to Christabel and the Jons. Their song "it's love" off of "Love and Circumstances" kept getting repeated. It was too interesting not to listen to, so here is a taste of them:

and at the beginning of this video they are starting the piece with the song I was stuck on... Yes the first lines are "Biscuits and gravey.."

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