Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Curious Things Given Wings by The Outside Track


I was drawn back to The Outside Track by my familiarity with Norah Rendell's singing; and while I considered taking just the vocal tracks, I am so ecstatic about having the entire CD to listen over and over again. The instrumentals with their texture from the harp, the beautiful melodies, the precision of excellent box, flute, and fiddle, and of course the intensity. Their cut "Le Voyage" instantly brought to my mind a comparison to what Rodrigo Y Gabriela brings to their music.

Then there is that little thing of Norah's singing. Wow, Farewell Song accompanied me along a walk with the sun setting on my shoulder, and Norah's beautiful ballad in my ears. Silvy Silvy is tastefully accompanied, and I could listen to the story of Caroline over and over with Norah's vocals as superb as her flute playing.

Here's the details I found at http://www.footstompin.com/products/cds/curious_things_given_wings

The Outside Track - Curious Things Given Wings: The second CD from The Outside Track is a mix of traditional Scottish, Irish, Canadian and original songs and tunes, and features Norah Rendell (Canadian Traditional Singer of the Year nominee), Mairi Rankin (Rankin family, Beolach), Ailie Robertson (Live Ireland Winner, BBC Young Trad Finalist), Fiona Black (BBC Fame Academy Winner), and Cillian O'Dalaigh (Trazz), and was produced by Mattie Foulds at Heriot Toun studio. A talented line-up delivering a synthesis of virtuosity and energy,

Norah Rendell: song, flute, whistle
Mairi Rankin: fiddle, song
Ailie Robertson: Scottish harp
Fiona Black: piano accordion and fiddle
Cillian O'Dalaigh: guitar, flute

... modern acoustic folk music of the very highest order...Maverick Magazine

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