Sunday, December 27, 2009

Top music from 2009 by Wildy's World

I'm starting to catch up and relax on vacation, and I'm getting back into a music groove thanks to catching up with Wildy's World's CD Top 50.... incredible, he has reviewed 972 recordings this year... Enjoy youself a little reading.

By the time you are reading it he might have all listed, when I'm writing this he's up to number five... boy I've missed Lyle Lovett's release, David Francey's, and boy I've got to learn about Ben Folds.

Here's his home page but his site is listed in my side bar...

Now don't forget that my Zemmy Awards don't come out until February... and I never care about arbitary release dates. Enjoy my last 3 years worth of awards because good music never goes bad.

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